My work revolves around broadcast media and creativity generally.

VOO was born and raised in Nigeria.
She now resides in Kent, United Kingdom where she runs her multimedia online studio and organic skincare  products business-
Nature Faithfuls

My head is always bursting with ideas and I am never afraid to create platforms to express them, especially where there are no ready-made opportunities. 

Broadcast Media 

With over 28 years experience in the industry, I have worked as a Newscaster, Producer/Presenter, and eventually as an Independent TV Producer, on various broadcasting stations in Nigeria and the United Kingdom.

I am a self taught video camera operator, video editor and graphic designer.

I've produced several multimedia contents for traditional media and the social media.

I have mastered the industry and developed various skills.

For self development, I ventured to study media and communications at the University of Greenwich, London.

I am always in tune with the ever evolving world of media and currently, I create Live Streaming platforms for organisations and individuals.

I also Live Stream multimedia contents on my Social Media @worldofvoo.

I produce promotional videos and other multimedia contents, for various organisations 

 Bespoke handmade fashion accessories produced by V.O.O.  for Sazzy Lukshuri Accessories London