• Veronica Olabisi Obadara

My Skin Blemishes Victory

As we grow older, our system and our body change.

Our body is just like a vehicle. You can't ride it forever.

I am learning to make some lifestyle changes, after struggling with my health for so many years. I've been there done that.

In 2019, I switched to natural products. I eat less of canned or ready made food. I drink more water and eat more vegetables and fruits.

I had struggled with skin blemishes for some years, until 2019 during the lockdown. I ran out of toiletries and had to use the African Black Soap which I had neglected for a while.

The African Black Soap on its own did not give me the result that I wanted, so I began to experiment with various natural ingredients.

Before now, I have produced various versions of skin & face wash and Body Butter too.

Eventually, I discovered natural ingredients that are great for skins prone to blemishes.

Today, I produce my own skincare products, Nature Faithfuls, which I use for my hair and body. The result on my skin is amazing.

I want to share this discovery with you on this platform.

If you're struggling with skin blemishes, I will be happy to share my soap and body butter with you. Who knows, may be you too can get an amazing result like I did.

Visit www.naturefaithfuls.com to order your own sample.

NB: Remember, hormonal changes, stress and medication can cause skin blemishes. Before using any skincare products, it's important to seek medical advice first, so that you can get to the root of your skin problems.

We will love to see your before and after pictures, if you're using our products.- send to team@naturefaithfuls.com

All the best with love from V.O.O.👍

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