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Archie Battersbee Before The Fatal Blackout Challenge | Credit:

A fatal game called 'Blackout Challenge' has been trending on TikTok, and it’s on the rise among children and teenagers. Tik-Tok has been criticised in the past for allowing dangerous challenges like The 'Blackout' to spread. 

The Blackout Challenge has reportedly claimed the lives of two youngsters.
This particular deadly challenge- ‘Blackout’ is not new. According to a Press Release in 2008, by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, at least 82 youth died as a result of playing what has been called "the choking game" 

This trending 'Blackout Challenge’, also called the "choking challenge" or the "pass-out challenge," encourages participants to hold their breath until they pass out due to a lack of oxygen.
The choking game involves intentionally trying to choke oneself or another, just to obtain a brief euphoric state. Death or severe injury can result if strangulation is prolonged. 
Signs that a child may be engaging in the choking game 
or the Blackout Challenge include
bloodshot eyes;
marks on the neck;
severe headaches;
and disorientation after spending time alone.

Signs also include the presence of ropes, scarves, belts tied to bedroom furniture, doorknobs, or found knotted on the floor; unexplained presence of things like dog leashes, choke collars and bungee cords. 

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Archie Battersbee On Life Support | Credit: PA News

In the Uk, 12-year-old Archie Battersbee was found unconscious at home in Southend, Essex. He suffered a brain injury, and his mother, Hollie Dance believes that Archie choked, while taking part in the “blackout challenge.
He has been on life support at the Royal London hospital for the past 3 months. Unfortunately, Archie Battersbee’s parents lost the fight to keep him on life support.
Doctors at the Royal London hospital said the child was “brain-stem dead, and continued treatment is not in his best interests. 
Therefore, a High court judge ruled that Archie has ‘no hope’ of recovery from the brain damage, so life support should end.
His parents want a High Court judge to consider the evidence for a third time.
Three Court of Appeal judges are overseeing the latest stage of Archie Battersbee’s case at a hearing in London.

Community Bits is sending out this special message to parents, Guardians, Carers and other people working directly with children and teenagers, to please speak to these young people about the life-threatening dangers, associated with the Blackout Challenge. It’s a No-No.


Multimedia report on the Young Innovators Awards 2022/2023. Up to £1.4 million will be invested in young innovators in the UK.

Innovate the UK, part of UK Research and Innovation, will invest up to £1.4 million in young innovators in the United Kingdom, in the Young Innovators Awards, 2022 to 2023.

Young people aged between 18 and 30 can apply for an award to make their business idea a reality. This includes a grant for £5,000, a living allowance, and tailored business support.


Eligibility includes the right to work in the U.K.. Up to £1.4 million will be invested in young innovators in this competition.

The Young Innovators Awards include £5,000 in financial support, tailored coaching and mentoring, and 
a living allowance in the form of a grant. All these will be provided directly to the successful applicants.

Up to 100 awards will be given in this competition. 

Registration for this opportunity began on 13 June 2022 and will close on 27 July 2022.
Please note, that this competition is open to sole applicants only.

To register, visit and search, Young Innovators Awards 2022 to 2023
Or,  just click the link below, and that will take you straight to the information page.

Bromley Borough Foodbank Sends SOS To The Community

A special report on Bromley Borough Foodbank reaching out to the community for support and donation. Produced by Veronica for World of VOO.