Veronica Olabisi Obadara


Studied Advanced Projects, Filmmaking for Change, and Journalism

V.O.O.'s Areas of Expertise

Radio / TV Newscasting



Video Editing

Video Content Production- including Development, Pre-Production, Production, and Post-Production.

News Correspondent

TV Producer

Photo Journalist

Podcast Producer/Presenter.


Live Streaming Solutions

News Reporting

Photo Journalism

TV Presentation

Radio Presentation

Social Media Managing


Handmade Jewellery Designing, Travelling, Cooking, Listening To  Music (various Genres, especially Jazz).


Natural Skincare Products Entrepreneur

"I have the experience, skills and ability to manage a whole broadcasting station.
I design, develop, and deliver aesthetically pleasing and engaging media packages.
I have mastered the industry and developed various media skills.
For career development, I studied Media and Communications at the University of Greenwich, London, after 27 years of experience in the industry. I hold a
BA H Media and Communications Degree.
My work revolves around broadcast media, digital media and Social media generally"

Veronica Olabisi Obadara is a media and communications professional with 30 years of experience as a broadcast media practitioner in Nigeria and the United Kingdom. 

Olabisi is a curious and critical thinker, whose passion lies in multimedia content production and digital media. 

She is a competent Radio / TV Newsreader, Voice-Over Artist, Videographer, Video Editor, Video Content Producer, News Correspondent, TV Producer, Photo Journalist, and Podcast Producer/Presenter.

She worked on various broadcasting stations in Nigeria and the United Kingdom. 

She cut her 'Political Teeth' in the United Kingdom as a candidate in the Greater London Assembly (GLA) elections in 2016. Under the umbrella of All People's Party (APP).


She produces multimedia contents to disseminate information, for the benefit of people in her community, and provides digital media solutions to her clients to promote their brands.

Olabisi is an entrepreneur, and one of the world's most versatile women in the creative industry. Along with her media outfit, she formulated and sells her natural skincare range called Nature Faithfuls and runs Sazzy Lukshuri, her bespoke handmade jewelry outfit.

She is a tech freak and music lover, blessed with two lovely boys.

Veronica Olabisi Obadara (V.O.O.) was born and raised in Nigeria.
She now resides in Kent, United Kingdom where she runs her multimedia studio and organic skincare  products business - Nature Faithfuls

Promotional video produced by V.O.O. to support CASSOGI U.K.- a  Nigerian Diaspora Association

 Bespoke handmade fashion accessories produced by V.O.O.  for Sazzy Lukshuri Accessories London